Tuesday, April 12, 2011


"Well how are you this morning?" David asked as he stopped to talk with a friend. "I think it is a beautiful day, really. The sun is hidden behind some soft clouds that remind me of...well, you!" he laughed heartily as he patted the sheep on the head and lay down on the field. "Today is going to be a good day." he said again to the sheep. He found them remarkable conversationalists. "I don't know why, but I can feel it."

"Hey! Boy!" a neighboring shepherd yelled over the fence.

David sighed and pulled himself up, leaning heavily on his staff. He really wanted it to be a lazy sort of day, but maybe that wasn't going to happen. "What's going on friend?" he asked pleasently.

"Your sheep were grazing on my field." he said harshly. "I chased them off but it didn't look like they headed back to your property." David checked his annoyance and refrained from saying anything harsh. "You always seem to respect our boundries boy and I didn't want your master to beat you for losing a half a dozen sheep. They went south towards the canyon."

David nodded his thanks and began walking the direction that was indicated. He saw a few of his sheep following him and began a conversation to pass the time. "Odd, don't you think, that while I've been tending father's sheep for years now our neighbor still doesn't realize that I'm his son? Ah well, shepherds are usually quiet and keep to themselves anyways; I know I've never had a conversation with the man myself so I suppose I can't say anything about his not knowing me. Regardless, why would he chase off your brothers like that? He could have just talked to our sheperds last night and informed them of the issue, he didn't need to run them off the field like that."

Soon David found himself leaving the grassy hillside and walking down a path strewn with rocks and pitfalls. He called to his sheep and they bleated their response but sounded far away and difficult to get to. With a deep sigh he began his descent, listening to the echoing bleats of his sheep, wishing he could get back to his hilltop and lyre.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Well we've been slackers....

SO! Let's try to get the ball rolling again shall we? Today's prompt is.........


Yes. Sheep.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pleading Eyes

It was stupid. Stupid girl with her stupid doe-eyes looking all irresistable. Ridiculous even! How did she get him to do these ridiculous things day after day? It was like she held some insane power over him and she abused it. Evil. That was a very apt word for her- completely, totally, irrevocably evil. Matt stormed down the stairs of the building, too upset to wait for the slow elevator. The cute girl at the desk smiled winningly at him but faultered when she saw the dark cloud over his brow. He was in no mood to flirt today, he had enough issues with one woman, no need to add another to the mix.

Out on the street he looked back and forth for a cab. It was New York City- there had to be an available cab somewhere! After whistling, waving, punching the air, and jumping like a lunatic he decided to walk. Cutting through the park was nice and the cool breeze almost cleared his head completely. He even began enjoying himself for a minute. Only one. Then the clouds broke. Matt glowered at the dark rain clouds that had formed so quickly and they almost looked ashamed of themselves.

Sally looked out at the city as the cleansing rain washed away the pollution and smog, as well as her worries. She loved the rain- it reminded her of home. In the past on days like today she would have sat back on her wrap-around porch and revel in the downpour with a book in one hand, a glass of wine on the table, and warm, delicious Barbara's Brownies on her lap. But sadly, Barbara was not a chain but a person and did not live in New York City. Breaking from her reverie she looked at the clock on her desk and realized that Matt had been gone for well over an hour. She had only sent him to get coffee and there was a Starbucks on every corner- where had he disappeared to?

As if being summoned, Sally's office door slammed open and Matt stormed in, dripping water all over the floor. He dropped a soggy box on her desk and stormed out again, mumbling something unintelligable under his breath. "Hey!" she called. He turned, a dark look on his face. She refrained from grinning- she enjoyed so much ordering him around. "Where's my coffee?" He growled and turned away, storming off towards the locker room. Chuckling to herself she opened the package. A small gasp escaped her lips as she found her favorite wine, book, and a package of brownies.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just So You Know...

I just wanted to let you guys know that I probably won't be writing much this week because I've got a lot of wedding planning stuff to do. (bleck!) I might have time on Thurs/Fri.
happy trails!


It's late for me, but I will try to post tomorrow---

Today's post is Roll of the Dice

Monday, April 4, 2011

Late Prompt

Today's been busy but the prompt is:

pleading eyes

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Prompt: Fools

I managed to write something else! It's a second priority for me so I'm not forcing myself to get everyday done (although I should!)

"FOOLS! All of you are FOOLS, I say!"
I pace in my room back and forth as I ponder my dilemma, "They think they can outwit me! I'll show them. I'll show them!"
They think they can overthrow me. ME. The king. I have ruled this country for years through the good times and bad. I defended it against greedy invaders seeking our wealth and people. I sought retribution for others claiming our land and our goods. I reformed the corrupt agencies of the government and the church. I did not fear for my own safety as I challenged my own corrupt men because I feared for the safety of my people and subjects. I pace back and forth; back and forth. Up and down my sleeping quarters I pace; I think about my many triumphs and my many defeats and failures. Any wrong or mistake I made cannot outweigh the greatness I achieved for my country. I turn my head as a knock at the door alerts me that I am not alone.
"My liege," the servant says, "I have your dinner." He bows over the plate as he sets it near the door. I dismiss him with an imperious nod of my royal ordained head. Baptized and anointed by God to rule this fine country. I smile to myself as I eat my dinner and plot my escape into glory.
The guard watches through the bars as the old dirty man digs into his plate of mushy roast and potatoes with his hands.
The guard on patrol walks up to him and looks through the bars as well, "This guy was king?"
The first guard chuckles, "Nah, he's just a crazy old bastard who lives in someone else's past."